I see your struggles. I know your pain. And I have not commanded you to bottle it up. You are not keeper of your life. You were never intended to guard your heart from me. Let me open every door, even the ones most frightening for you to unlock.

Oh little one, breathe me in. Can’t you feel my goodness overwhelming you? Lose control in me, it’s only me, sweet child. It’s me. Jesus.

I will catch you, if you fall.

But don’t be scared to shine. Linger with me in the heavens – dream and wonder. Marvel at me!

Stop looking around you…there is a time for everything and I withhold no good gift from my own heirs.

Daughter, set that jealousy and your pride aside. Peel those coverings off and kneel before me, Abba, just as you are.

I have made you to be pure – white as snow. All of that comparing you do will only cloud your vision. You’ll see yourself as tainted and be so aware of your insecurities.

But let me tilt your chin up, child. Gaze upon the face of your father and you will find peace.

I have you exactly where you are supposed to be.

Keep breathing me in.

Go on.





I love you.



Child, I love you.



I love you.

I love you.

I. Love. You.

Is that enough?

Can you feel me?

Do you accept this love of mine?


Beloved daughter, do not be afraid. I am here.

Let me break down all the defenses because I have memorized each piece of you and I know what lies behind every joy, ever tear, every trial.

Stop seeking after a deeper, better, stronger relationship with me and simply rest in my love. The more you bask in it, the more you will understand and love me in return. I promise.

Sweet child, trust me.

I have always been, will always be, am in this very moment


I rejoice over you, beautiful girl. I am watching you grow and stretch and awake into the song I have invited you to dance to.

You are radiant.

Believe that, my daughter of light.


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