Your deep dark secret is mine, too

So there’s a secret you’ve been hiding and it goes a little something like this: you aren’t perfect. And somewhere, somehow this great big world convinced you that your imperfection is pretty darn ugly. But that just isn’t true. Our culture is obsessed with perfect. Perfect bodies, perfect relationships, perfect loves, perfect careers, and if we buy into all that then we are perfect lies. Because the reality is – and this is my mantra at the moment, so forgive me for my redundancy – we are broken people living in one crazy broken world.

If you missed my January post on Hosea, check it out later: Love is a Battlefield. It was about the story of Hosea, a man who married a prostitute in the name of selfless love, and it has been my favorite Bible story for years. Why? Because I find absolute comfort in the fact that imperfect people make up the DNA of God’s word. I don’t have to live up to some unbearable pressure created by the world’s standards because I believe in the beauty of God’s standards. You might think it’s naive or weird, and I’m okay with that. Just consider checking out the project I did with my dear friend and photographer, Amy. She has an incredible eye and wanted to bring my favorite Bible story to life. I modeled, she shot, I wrote, she edited – it’s an artistic collaboration we’re finally able to share with you. So click the link below! (Warning to impatient people: it takes a few seconds to load because of the size of the photos. Sorry not sorry.)

I Betroth You To Me

   (Click it, click, it!)

*Copyright stuff: the story was inspired by the book of Hosea and each of its verses


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