The Sun’ll Come out Tomorrow

Forgiveness is backwards.

It holds you tight with warm, strong arms and tells you that you’re free.

We always want to attach ulterior motives to this little creature and its heart of selflessness, thinking surely someone, somewhere has a hidden agenda…but true forgiveness is pure and unadulterated by manipulation.

To forgive is to release.

What if we surrendered ourselves to the simplicity of that notion?

In breathing out grace, we can make room for peace.

This world walks around on the defensive, shouldering its internal struggles and anger and hatred because somewhere along the line, it bought into the myth that by forgiving someone the hurt is minimized. That just isn’t so. Whatever hurt you’ve endured is valid and the journey to healing can be a long, exhausting, dusty road. But harboring bitterness is pretty exhausting too.

Today I woke up with the opportunity to choose forgiveness. Today my body ached with the weight of emotional hurt but my heart said Amy choose peace. And peace felt pretty evasive at first, fluttering around just out of my grasp. Then I remembered an image that actually came to mind on Christmas night. I sat in my bed and I began to wonder, all over again, at the miracle of a teenage girl cradling Jesus in her shaking arms. I thought about how Mary’s heart must have been preciously, contentedly, perfectly still. She held peace in her soft embrace…heaven stirred and hiccuped in her arms. I want that kind of calm to fill me on my worst days.

Today my world is fraying at the edges, but you better believe I’m finding comfort in a sweater, a latte, and 3 simple words: I forgive you.

“…he will quiet you by his love.” -Zephaniah 3:17


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