The ABC’s of Real Talk

Words knit themselves together in funny old ways. They surprise us with their humility, shock us with their accuracy, and change us with their honesty. This week I’ve absorbed a lot of words – some lovely, some heartbreaking. As 26 little letters have flown at me in all sorts of combinations, my soul has said deep breaths Amy, my mind has said woah world, wait up, and my friends have said we’re here.

As I fell asleep last night, I couldn’t help but wonder at the sheer volume of conversations people have on the daily. Across the world, millions of phone screens and inboxes and newsfeeds continue to light up with messages like I love you, I’m broken, I need you, I’m sorry. With messages like it’s over, I’m in, I’m scared, can you fix this.

Millions of people  are out there walking around, simultaneously listening to earth shaking interactions on replay in their heads – voices repeating innocent strings of words with not-so-innocent meanings.

In this season of Christmasy stuff, so much good is coming my way. I am blessed beyond measure. But I harbor the struggles of others deep within me – I understand that for some, worlds are falling apart. The lights and the pine trees are laced with lonely. Nat King Cole and presents spell despair. There are too many hearts tinged with melancholy.

If you’re reading this thinking hey that sounds a lot like me, I want to tell you you’re loved. By me. By God. By someone who has always thought you’re the coolest thing since yoga pants (whether or not they’ve admitted it). You are a spectacular package of worthy. Worthy of joy, worthy of a friend, worthy of grace, worthy of the chance to dream oh so big.

I don’t know how kind words have been to you today. Maybe they’ve smacked you in the face, maybe they’ve hugged you and stuck some band-aids on the aching spaces. I’m fortunate to have people around me who offer their wisdom and love no matter the hour, but if you don’t – if you, for whatever reason, big or small – need somebody to remind you of your significance, leave me a note – no questions asked: And I will reply, because you deserve a letter of affirmation – you just do.

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