10 Things I’ve Learned This Week

1. Music will forever be beautiful. Waking up in the morning is so much easier because of it. Today’s Top 5?

-Not a Bad Thing: JT

-Young & Beatiful: The Gatsbiers

-I Try: Macy Gray

-Lost at Sea: John Mayer

-Draw Near: Bethel (The Loft Sessions)

2. We are desperate for a lot of things.

We are desperate for love. Oh how we long for someone to be a fool for us.

We are desperate for light..I don’t think any of us ever stop being afraid of the dark. Perhaps we can sleep soundly under the blanket of night, but we continue to shrink away from anything that threatens our carefully constructed definition of what is safe and what is right.¬†Sometimes darkness overwhelms us and we begin to lose our luster and shine – our spark goes MIA. So we gravitate, like moths to that proverbial flame, because light intrigues us, captivates us, and gives us hope. The people you are refreshed by are the people who glow a little more brightly than the rest.

3. I am stubborn. You are stubborn. We are stubborn. Willingness to admit failure, or at the very least, confusion goes a long way.

4. Sometimes your friends decide you need a HIMYM intervention. And you take it because they usually have good things to share.


5. Rain boots are glorious and quite possibly the wisest fashion investment you will ever make.

6. Coffee dates are the new chicken soup for the soul. A fall latte makes you superwoman, but a fall latte with a friend makes you superwomEn and dynamic duos have a way of changing the world with flair, determination, and a bit of pumpkin spice.

7. I really want intentionality to be a word but spell-check says no.

8. Faith brings peace. When I’m struggling, I need to go to God first, not second and definitely not last.

9. Writing is cathartic – you should try it. Write someone a letter today. Tell somebody, in your distinct voice, that they are of worth to you.

10. At the end of the day, we never want it to be the end of the day. Strange expression, isn’t it? At the end of the day we cannot change how we have lived, what we have said, what we have thought, what we have run away from, what we have denied, what we have feared. At the end of the day we find ourselves wishing for do-overs and clinging onto the promise of a fresh start tomorrow. Which is also strange because none of us are guaranteed a tomorrow. So what does that mean for today? Live with passion. Live with sparkle. Live with sincerity. Live with humility. Live in such a way that at the end of the day, when you finally rest your head down and fall asleep you are satisfied with who you have endeavored to be, even if you have made mistakes. We hold ourselves to such high standards and become suffocated by our inability to meet those standards. Give yourself a break. You’re a marvelous person with a past and a future but what you really need to remember is that you’re a marvelous person with a present. Are you living this present wholeheartedly?


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