Confessions of an Intern

Narnia wasn’t something I thought I’d be contemplating this week. After last week’s life-change and soul-care I honestly didn’t want to contemplate anything, let alone work. I was craving lazy movie days, big bowls of ice cream, and an indefinitely long date with my bed. 

The past few days in the office have involved an insanely impressive dodge ball tournament, last minute planning for said tournament, Irish worship/Sorta-kinda-we-think-we-can-jig dancing courtesy of the Rend Collective Experiment, and now Summer Olympic prep. During our team meeting this morning we talked about the annual Southbrook Church Olympics and wondered if, instead of nations, teams should be named after mythical lands. Obviously everybody’s favourite talking lion hails from Narnia. 

I remember reading The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe as a little girl and being fascinated by the whole thing. Friendly beavers, a rambling manor with magical closets, a scarf wearing fawn – it doesn’t get much better than that. Whether or not we run with the mythical land idea, I think Narnians would dominate any Olympic games they entered. The people had a resolute faith in that which they could not see. They trusted, even when times were bleak, in a savior – in a king. Having just listened to David Platt speak on the Kingdom of God and those who are in it, I feel called to live my life with similar faith. When going up against my rivals I would love to have an Aslan roaring his support in the background, a Mr. Tumnus playing his flute (how therapeutic is that?), and a Peter leading the charge.

While I did struggle to stay awake this week at work, I continuously found myself smiling and experiencing the kind of uplifting joy that comes from being part of a united front. Those I do life with are those I would want to do battle with. Are there people like that in your life? Do you know for certain if your colleagues, your friends, your family are also your allies? Because if you’re unsure, perhaps you need to do some relationship restoration.

The joy in my office comes from the beautiful hearts of the people within it. We all have something to bring to the battlefield – find what your something is and share it with the world. Allow yourself to be used and fight the good fight!


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