Confessions of an Intern (Part I)

You know those two questions everyone always asks right after you move home:

1. How was college?!

2. What are you doing with your summer?!

You know the answers you have to give:

1. It was awesome/amazing/way better than I imagined! (Because most of the people asking the first question are friends of your parents who don’t want to know that you may have gone dancing like they did once upon a time or remember the harsh reality of the freshman 15.)

2. Of course this answer varies based on individual preferences, but for me it’s interning at my church, Southbrook Community Church. A quote I think particularly applicable for this situation?

“We have our own language. Christianese…We don’t say, ‘He’s out of his mind,’ no, we say, ‘That’s our youth pastor.'” ~Tim Hawkins

Anyway, most non-church folk I share my internship news with have really entertaining reactions.

I think they imagine some Devil Wears Prada re-make where Meryl Streep is actually a crusty grouch of a pastor preaching damnation or a suave thirty-something with strobe lights, “new-agey” worship, and a lot of over-zealous Jesus freaks. Instead of channeling Anne Hathaway in pencil skirts and stilettos, I’m supposed to wear skinny jeans and have an i-Phone, and if I were a guy I’d be rocking the hipster glasses and maybe even a beard. I don’t have Gucci on speed dial but I’ve got the Bible app, Hillsong’s tour schedule, and Francis Chan’s new book.

I’m pretty sure others feel bad for me…they go “Oo-oo-hh…[insert millisecond of an awkward pause here] that’s great!” They walk away from the conversation (at least in my imagination) thinking that poor girl. What a way to spend a summer, trapped in a church talking Bible talk. Who gave her the Kool-aid?

So my answer to question #2 may be a little unorthodox but I’m about to spend hot summer days writing, learning, growing, and pranking. I’m tired of being expected to live a cookie-cutter life…who set that expectation anyway? Vacations, camps, family time, and work aren’t bad, don’t get me wrong, but my restless heart wants a challenge.

I want to leave an indelible mark on an eternal planner.

Give Cali my love, crowd surf at the music fests, even pose next to Big Ben (just please don’t duck face outside Buckingham Palace…please people, please). Whatever you’re doing with your summer I genuinely hope you feel refreshed and revitalized. Treat yourself to late night ice cream, a long drive under the stars, and a new fedora – summer is when people come alive and possibility is relentlessly chasing after us.

If you want to follow the ins and outs of my intern-antics check back here every now and then.

And here’s a slightly taboo reminder to leave you with, (I hope that’s okay): the beautiful thing about Jesus is that he has never been confined to the world’s opinions of him. He certainly isn’t boring and he is scandalously in love with his people. I’m crazy excited for summer 2013 and hope you are, too. Go dream big and allow your heart to be set on fire for something meaningful.


One thought on “Confessions of an Intern (Part I)

  1. Well, again, you bring a smile to my face Amy.
    I am inspired by your honesty and integrity of heart.
    Bring on summer!

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