The Last Supper – Queens Style

Last Friday afternoon, Hannah, Sonja, Isabella, and I shared in our last supper. Which was actually lunch and didn’t taste that great. Last Friday afternoon, as Hannah prepared to drive her beautiful self back to good old Wilkesboro and the rest of us tried to ignore impending finals we sat in the caf for one last meal together. And despite wilty salads and sorry looking pasta (say it, p-aaa-sta) we actually had a wonderful time. I don’t remember much of the conversation we had because my brain was a mushy mess of British literary works and obscure math formulas but I do remember laughing until my stomach hurt. (Our Pop Pilates session also had a lot to do with that). It’s those kinds of moments – where you tip your head back and laugh and laugh and laugh – that have defined my year at Queens University. I am so thankful for God blessing me with real, unconditional friendship. Taking the time just to be with one another for one last afternoon was absolutely perfect. And then it was over – the meal, the finals, the time together, and the year itself. This glorious expanse of summer is stretching before me and I am so excited to soak it all up. I’m simultaneously counting down the days until we can be reunited once more.

I already feel like the fantastic four have been apart far too long…when Hannah butt dialed me the other day I got really happy, even when I realized she wasn’t there. Seeing a “We ❤ Montreat” bumper sticker yesterday made me smile – because  I love my Presby gals. And Sonja, you’re amazing too, we’ll make our own energizers next year.

So I think it’s important to go out with a bang – whatever that means. I want to leave you all with some freshman year gems…just because.

“Pasta pants…they’re like yoga pants and wet jeans.” (The finals week effect)

“I’m not gonna lie…Robin Hood as a fox was…mmm. It was a confusing time for me as a child.” (On Disney and ensuing childhood crushes)


“You guys have glitter on the insides.” (The best compliment of all time)

“I’m not fat…my zipper’s just fickle.”

“I’ve got a pen in my boobs. Oh! It’s yours, sorry!”



“If we have ginger babies they’re going to the orphanage.” (On Patrick’s future offspring)

“You know what I was thinking? The wedding planner was in here last night & she’s really old…she’s probably gonna die soon so…” (On Sonja’s future as an event coordinator)

“I won’t crank anything out…I may think about it…” (On Core paper writing)

“If Shmaimy aint happy, nobody’s happy.”




So here’s to beautiful friends inside and out, real meat, Harry Potter marathons, beachy days, and baggy sweatshirts. School’s out, summer’s in – let’s be the light in a dark world ladies: “She opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue.” ~Proverbs 31:26

sweater 15sweater 12  sweater 8sweater 13





One thought on “The Last Supper – Queens Style

  1. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy these times of laughing about everything when your mind is fried from finals…I still remember the things I laughed about in college…things no one else would understand if I tried to write it out. Live, Laugh, Love in the LORD!

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