Out of His Mind (Griffin House)

Ever come across those songs that speak to you exactly where you are in life? Or maybe they whisper to a person you once were…even prompt you to chase after the person you want to be.

Today while I cranked out a paper I had Pandora going. Pandora has totally morphed into my Mountain Dew when it comes to essays. And today, Pandora was on point. Song after perfect song kept coming on and I felt myself wanting to Tweet pointed lyrics at all kinds of people. Then this guy started singing and something about his voice got me – got me good.

See the funny thing about my friends – and life in general I think – is that boys are such an integral part of conversation, behavior, plans, dreams etc. We wear a killer LBD to feel confident and glam, yes, but also (more often than not, let’s be honest) to attract a guy’s attention. We complain about a lack of interest, too much interest, or not the right interest. We compile the Pinterest wedding board before we’ve even interviewed the potential husbands.  There’s a valid method to our madness – we were designed for relationship after all. But sometimes, I think a simpler factor motivates our boy-directed, slightly obsessed thought process. I think we’re afraid that we’ll repeat mistakes, miss the same signs, lose something precious, or, still worse, end up alone.

Here’s what I want to say with the help of Griffin House: you’re one of a kind. And the guy that says goodbye to you is out of his mind.

You’re beautiful with or without a man to tell you so. You’re precious and treasured with or without a man to tell you so.  I feel like so many women believe they’re the problem and live with that burden bogging them down. This is so far from the truth. If a boy’s ever wronged you, hurt you, taken you for granted, or robbed you of the joy that is rightfully yours: he was out of his mind. Proclaim this anthem over yourself and your story – you’re worth a wonderful man, but your Creator declares you wonderful just as you are. So wait for Mr. Right. I believe he’ll come around, if you’re patient – although patience is a whole other dilemma for us ladies. Just remember the guy that says goodbye to you is out of his mind.


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