Stop, Appreciate, and Listen

There was a moment this past weekend where I hit pause, stepped outside the film frame, and took it all in. 

Surrounded by the breathtaking possibilities of a starlit city, in the company of gorgeous friends, and completely content with all of the unknowns, I realized how wonderfully blessed I am. There was something empowering about stepping into that cold January night (and the heels had nothing to do with it). 

Since this college thing started, I’ve discovered my love of independence and the wealth of opportunities that now belongs to me. Alicia Keys knows what she’s talking about – I feel like a girl on fire. But there’s also a precious knowledge my heart holds close – it’s the knowledge that I can be vulnerable and honest around the friends God’s given me. 

As we took on Charlotte this weekend, I did so with a confidence only sisterhood instills. When a group of girls gets together, they possess a power that is enchanting. They share a trust, a joy, and a bond like no other. So to the sisters from my past, the sisters of my present, and the sisters I have yet to meet, thank you. Thank you for approving outfits, blasting my favourite songs, and showering me with unconditional love.

Life without friendship would be exceedingly bland – your zest is welcomed.




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