Worn Wisdom

I realize sweater metaphors might be getting old…but in an attempt to brighten this rainy day I’m using one more.

This weekend, the Fabulous Four ventured to Goodwill – the glorious burial ground for all things warm, over sized, and bizarre. After significant sifting, we added several baggy sweatshirts to our dearly loved collection. 

Our scavenger hunt for thrifty discoveries required some patience and ingenuity. Kind of like life. For every good find, there were at least ten awful ones. The key was to keep on looking. 

As we search for friends, confidants, partners, and love we encounter so many different people. The people we casually pass over or toss haphazardly aside may actually have something of worth to offer us. It could take some time before we alight on the perfect fit, but when we do, we’ve gained invaluable companionship. 

The hunt for nuggets of joy (please appreciate what a delightful word nuggets is) may lead us to unexpected treasures. My personal desire is to open my eyes a little wider and look for a little longer. Did I walk into that Goodwill planning to leave with an extra large button up? Nope. Is it the most comfortable shirt I’ve ever worn? Yup. 

The beautiful part about sifting is that we’re never quite sure what will remain until we’re staring right at it. But in that moment, we realize just how much we’ve always needed whatever “it” is. 

So the Fabulous Four will undoubtedly return to Goodwill and give homes to some more gently worn fabric wonders. In the mean time, I’ll be watching out for people whose hearts could use some gentle loving too.

Image(From left to right: Me (Amy), Isabella, Hannah, & Sonja)



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