Buttons and Boys

So far, college is a conglomeration of many lessons…

1. We’ve learned that laundry rooms are fiery burning pits of doom.

2. We’ve learned that coffee is a main food group and essential to sustaining life.

3. We’ve learned procrastination isn’t wise, but then again neither are we when we make midnight food runs.

4. And we’ve discovered that most of what we’re learning isn’t actually being taught from within a classroom.*

This is particularly accurate where boys are concerned. So many epiphanies.

Boys are like buttons. If they are like buttons, we are like cardigans. They hold us together. They close out the cold and sometimes, we may even take them for granted. Perhaps that comparison is a little stretched – maybe, maybe not. I’m running with it for the moment. Things are about to get crazy.

There are definitely sweaters without buttons and those are perfectly nice sweaters. I myself am a sweater without buttons as of now. Then there are the sweaters whose threads fray over time and their buttons – however nice – become loose, and eventually fall away entirely.

As is the way with lost buttons, they collect in unexpected places. Not every sweater needs a button, but for those girls who are holding out for just the right one, that miscellaneous collection of boys might be just the place to start. Most importantly every button has a story of its own – a valid story that alters its personality in all sorts of ways.


Our sisterhood has seen plenty of button related tears, ice cream indulgences, and venting sessions…but what we have learned about each other is precious to me – we’re capable of weathering each new lesson because we have one another, buttons or no buttons. Hurrah hurrah.

I do so hope these college boys are reading up on cardigans, too.


*This doesn’t mean we aren’t academic scholars of the finest caliber who greatly enjoy the stimulation of our minds as we uncover priceless knowledge under the valued guidance of our professors. Just sayin.



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